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TurfTracker helps you solve problems by keeping lawn treatments consistent.  TurfTracker attaches to your spreader or sprayer and drops a ball of foam creating as easily visible track to follow.  The foam dissolves in minutes.  TurfTracker is quick and easy to install.   With a universal design, it works with most makes and models of spreaders and sprayers.  Available in five sizes to work with the smallest spreaders up to 18' boom width.  TurfTracker uses battery power and liquid dish soap.  TurfTracker is manufactured by Richway Ind., a leader in the agricultural market for foam marking systems since 1973. 

See Push spreaders link to read more about models available for push spreaders.  

See Powered spreaders link to view pictures and descriptions of models for powered spreaders and sprayers.  Turf Tracker is also for the golf course superintendent, turf care professionals, and home-owners with larger lawns. 

Unit photos shows what components are included with each foam marking system. 

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End streaking, gaps, and overlaps!



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TurfTracker (Patent #6,651,908)  is a trademark of Richway Industries, Ltd.